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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 8, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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you're watching "fox and friends first" on this friday morning. i'm patricia stark. >> and i'm heather childress. thank you so much for starting your day and ending your week with us. we do begin with a fox news alert. fear gripping the university of texas as police hunt for this man, a key person of interest in the brutal murder of a freshman on campus. >> the death sending shock waves through the community. man police want to talk to seen in surveillance video near the football stadium two hours after wiser disappeared. >> it is apparent this is my worst nightmare. the unimaginable brutality against haruka is an attack on our entire family. law enforcement is doing everything they can to bring the perpetrator of this heinous crime to justice. >> hundreds gathering on campus for an emotional memorial. haruka was last seen leaving the
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arts building around 9:30 sunday night but never made it back to her dorm. roommates called police the next morning to report her missing, and her body was found tuesday in a creek in the woods on campus. there is now a $15,000 reward in the case. there is a manhunt under way in washington state at this hour for an accused murderer who escaped from a psychiatric facility. police say that anthony garver bought a bus ticket to spokane on wednesday night where he went to his parents' house before running off. garver and mark alexander broke out of western state hospital through a loose windows. alexander was captured after boarding a bus and asking how to get to the airport. u.s. marshals and the sheriff's department are now searching for garver near his parents' home. a surprise overnight visit to iraq from secretary of state john kerry. he's meeting with iraqi leaders in baghdad to discuss the fight
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against isis. the meeting comes as the u.s. plans to deploy more troops in iraq to help retake territory from the terror army. before that he stopped in bahrain to meet with persian gulf allies about iran's threat to the region. well, isis kidnapping more than 300 workers outside of syria's capital damascus. syrian state media reporting the mass kidnapping happened mere the town of demur. the workers from a cement company were taken near where militants launched a surprise attack against government troops earlier this week. the hostages were reportedly loaded on to buses headed to areas controlled by isis. their employer has lost all contact with them. some chilling new video appears to show what the allusive man in white, remember him, did after helping carry out the brussels bombing last month. in a series of surveillance videos you can see him calmly leaving the airport, walking to a nearby town before
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disappearing. he ditches his jacket at some point, but continues to wear the hat. a worldwide search for the man has been under way since the attacks where he was seen with two of the bombers inside the airport before the blast. turning now to extreme weather. >> yes. >> several suspected tornadoes hitting a storm. >> he i can't, the storms wreaking havoc in clear water as the sun came up thursday, the sky lighting up bright orange as lightning, look at that, struck in the distance. >> and in maryland a wild afternoon storm rips the tiles off roofs, downs power lines and topless trees. maria molina is live with what we can expect today. >> we have had this cold front that's been tracking across the country bringing in all kinds of wild weather, reporting some tornadoes out there across parts of the south and even also some damaging winds across parts of
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the mid-atlantic yesterday as it continued to push eastward. now the system is up in the atlantic, behind it we will be seeing much colder air filtering southward across parts of the midwest and eventually into the northeast and this weekend in the northeast, by the way, you could even be seeing some snowfall out there across inland areas, you could be picking up a couple of inches, we will be watching that very carefully, but for now we are just dealing with showers across parts of the carolinas early in morning. temperatures like we mentioned are going to be getting much colder behind this system. as far as right now your current temperatures you are in the 30s in cleveland, also in chicago, 45 degrees in new york city, but by this weekend it's going to be much colder out there across the northeast, you can see your forecast high temperature in places like maine not bad at all for this time of the year at 50 degrees n texas you are a lot cooler today compared to yesterday with temperatures only in the 70s and low 80s for many of you. let's head over to you. >> thanks so much, maria. politicians, they are just like us, right?
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders making headlines on the campaign trail for struggling to figure out the new york city subway system. peter ducey is live in washington, d.c. following the latest. good morning, peter. >> good morning. both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are either from new york or have represented new york, but neither of their attempts to show how deep their empire state roots go by riding the subway have gotten well. there was hillary clinton who couldn't figure out how the metro card works and then bernie sanders who doesn't know what a metro card is. >> how do you ride the subway today? >> what do you mean? >> how do you get on the subway today? >> you get a token, you get in. >> wrong. >> the run away leader in republican polls in new york is donald trump who is choosing not to take his big lead for granted and move on to prescheduled events in california. so he canceled events out west to concentrate on his home state, even though he doesn't have any events in new york on the schedule. trump has had great success
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hammering ted cruz who was once critical of new york values and cruz is playing defense. >> well, bill, you know, i think people across new york and across the country knew exactly what new york values means and those are the values of liberal democratic politicians who have been hammering this state. >> looking ahead, california is very close right now according to the respected field poll, trump's lead is 7 points there and he has not cracked 40% yet. you see kasich in third place there, 18%, he is concentrating his criticism on hillary clinton, not just on the other republicans and he is trying to convince voters that if there is an open convention he will be the nominee. back to you. >> all right. we'll see what happens. thank you, peter. tell the truth. former president bill clinton losing his cool with black lives matter protesters while stumping for hillary in philadelphia. >> this is what's the matter. i don't know how you would
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characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on to the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens, she didn't. she didn't. you are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter. tell the truth. >> well, the group was there to protest a statement hillary made back in 1996 when she referred to underaged kids in jail as, quote, super predators. clinton has since taken back that comment. rudy guiliani isn't keeping his primary ballot a secret, he's voting for donald trump. guiliani gold "the new york times" he considers trump a friend and that he is a better choice than cruz and more realistic choice than kasich. guiliani did not make an owe dishl end dorsment because he will not campaign on trump's
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behalf. more fallout for the leader of great britain admitting he benefitted from an offshore account revealed in the panama papers data breach. david cameron said prior to becoming prime minister he made thousands of dollars in a trust fund in 2010 set up but his father. cameron has been ridiculed for using the account for avoiding the capital gains tax something he has campaigned against. today pope francis will release a major paper on family and marriage issues, the document called joy of love could touch on topics like controversial and the treatment of gay and divorced catholics. pope francis spent years working on the paper sending questionnaires to families across the world. "american idol" dimming the stage lights and taking a bow and trent harmon a former waiter from mississippi was crowned the show's 15th and final winner during the show's finale last
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night. the iconic singing competition is now officially over. former big name contestants like carrie underwood, scott macreary and kelly clarkson all gathering to say good-bye to where they got their starts. ♪ >> original judges paula abdul, sandy jackson and simon cowell showed up to congratulate everyone on the long run and we are live in l.a. with a full break down. that is coming up. can't wait for that. >> yes. the time is now about ten minutes after the hour. trampled. >> as soon as he started running towards me i knew he was going -- he meant business. >> an escaped bull on the loose running down people and creating chaos on the highway.
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and a flight of the future equipped with more space and high tech entertainment systems. oh, and this one is such a tear jerker, the amazing moment that a baby sees his mother for the very first time. while campaigning in new york today hillary clinton rode the subway and had to swipe her metro card five times before getting through a turnstile, though if you know hillary clinton you know she'll keep trying until she gets in. for fan emily skinner,
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after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. but zzzquil is different have pain medicine because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep. west on a texas highway when a bull escapes a trailer and it's all caught on tape. you can see that bull fall head over hoof out of its trailer and take off towards traffic in el
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dorado. he trampled six people before jumping the fence. >> it felt like a thousand pounds hitting me in my back. it took me right off my feet to the ground. >> as soon as he started running towards me i knew that he was going -- you know, he meant business. >> the highway had to be shut down while police worked to corral the animal. talk about a rocky start to an engagement, a man gets stuck climbeding a 600 foot cliff right after proposing. he had just scaled morrow rock in california to ask his girlfriend to marry him live on face time, but got stuck on the way back down. a helicopter rescue crew pulls him back up to safety. the cliffhanger, she thankfully said yes. face under fire in california, a federal cluj rules that putting a cross on the l.a. county seal is unconstitutional because it places the county's power behind a single religion.
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the original 1957 seal included a cross floating above the hollywood bowl, it was removed in 2004 after the aclu threatened to sue. the county voted to add it back in 2012 but aclu and a number of clergy members from different faiths immediately sued, the judge has now ruled in their favor. and now there's this, the newest member of the "sesame street" crew with a six-year-old girl hoping to promote female empowerment in afghanistan. >> thank you, elmo. >> excited to be here. >> meet zari she is the word's first afghan muppet, she's making the debut on the country's production of "sesame street," show executives hope that her confidence and inquisitive nature will engage young afghan girls in a country where women have fewer educational opportunities than men. uber is paying millions for
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misleading customers. >> our sister network fox business here with more good morning lauren. >> uber settles its los angeles and san francisco and agrees to pay 10 million signed to settle a lawsuit accusing it of the strength in their background checks. they say they will no longer use language like we are the safest ride on the road. the end of a victoria secret catalog, the company's owner wants to cut back on the catalog, also axing 200 corporate jobs as part of a major restructuring. buy stamps on sunday, here is why, they will cost 47 cents instead of 49 cents. the u.s. postal service cutting stamp prices for the first time in 97 as a special pog that allowed it to bring in extra money expires. taco bell allowing you to order on line with slack, users add taco bot and use it to place
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and pay for your order. using hybrid engines to switch between he can lick power and fuel to carry passengers by the year 2030, back to you. >> lauren live for us. the time now is 17 minutes after the top of the hour. fudging the data, va hospitals in more hot water for inaccurately recording wait times. ♪ watch me whip ♪ watch me nae nae >> and staying hip, the grannies going viral this morning. for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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forcing va patients to wait was standard operating procedure in at least seven states, that's according to new documents. the report shows supervisors instructed employers to zero out wait times so there was no way to track how much longer those seeking care waited to get in. in some cases scheduling manipulation had been going on for as long as a decade. the va says 29 employees have been disciplined as a result. well, feds bust an international money lund ring scheme with advertise to miami and chap bow guzman. prosecutors say the drug trafficking operation funneled $1 million a month to mexican and columbian drug cartels through south florida based businesses. 22 people are now under arrest. investigators used wire taps, surveillance and reviewed thousands of financial transactions to unravel the scheme. where is this guy's
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priorities? australian police bull over a man driving with a couple cases of beer. the beer is buckled up while children were left unrestrained. several kids including a baby less than a year old were sitting in the foot wells and lying across people's laps. the driver charged with driving without a license and unrestrained children. police there say that they've seen a spike in these kinds of crimes. patricia. well, it has been a major issue this election cycle, border security and whether or not building a wall is the answer to keeping illegals out of america. fox news spoke to agents across the border and asked would a wall or a big steel fence work? the answer, yes and no. william la jeunesse has more. >> reporter: across deserts, mountains, even a river, over, under and through a steel fence, nothing has stopped illegal immigration. >> one person makes the stand of we need a wall, with he need a
2:23 am
wall. you never bothered asking the agents what all do we need. >> reporter: we did. does it make sense to wall the entire border? >> to build one wall may not be feasible. just because of the environmental conditions that we face. >> reporter: because of topography, wildlife and floods agents way a wall is unrealistic, but installing a steel fence where you can is a good start. ground sensors, cameras and radar towers then help the agents locate and arrest the illegal immigrants. >> what the fence does in an urban area, it provides us the opportunity to detect that traffic and be abled to respond to that traffic. >> this bill will help protect the american people and make our borders more secure. >> reporter: the 2006 secure fence act mandated a 700 mile double layered fence but at roughly $6 million a mile homeland security ran out of money, completing only 36 miles. currently the agency says it supports 350 miles of single
2:24 am
layer pedestrian fence and 300 miles of vehicle barrier, leaving 1300 miles of border largely unrestricted. >> all they have to do to get into united states is simply crawl through the fence. >> reporter: outside arizona the border fence gradually disappears from steel to nothing. >> our border fence is four strands of barbed wire easily gone over, easily crawled under. >> reporter: agents say a fence no matter how tall is meaningless unless they also have the cameras, access roads and agents to back it up. heather and patricia, back to you. >> thank you, william. let's take a look now at what is going viral. always one of our favorite segments of the show and we begin with a very greedy goose, not sharing the sidewalk with high school students. look at that goose standing its ground not moving out of the way forcing them to find an alternate route. some decided to go out of their
2:25 am
way, though, to get around the animal, while others, well, they just turned around. >> that's one intimidating goose. and penguins strutting their stuff on the blue carpet as they make their way to new digs at the detroit zoo, the largest facility for penguins in the world with more than 80 of them from four species. and check this out. that is a flame thrower shooting a 50 foot fireball through the air, two british guys known as the slow-mo guys filled the flame thrower with diesel fuel and this is the incredible result. >> and these next two lovely ladies from a georgia assisted living home, they're wowing the world with their awesome dance moves. ♪ now watch me whip ♪ watch me nae nae ♪ watch me whip ♪ watch me nae nae >> that's 80-year-old mary thompson and 8 three-year-old eleanor frederick son showing off how they whip and how they
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nae nae. they love dancing and do it so well and they say keeps their bodies and minds fit. good advice. >> better at that than i am. i will let them take it over. the time now is 25 after the top of the hour and he has opinion pretty adamant that he is not running, but hypothetically speaking what would happen in a general election if paul ryan were to throw his hat into the ring? the brand new polls showing how a match up with bernie or hillary would play out. and drop the toast. is your breakfast making you ugly? the choices you make this morning could be wreaking havoc on your skin. jordan and chelsea were searching for the perfect place for their wedding on oh! yurt. yes! earthy... just rustic. [laughing] oh my gosh. wow. [owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah.
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yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps]
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to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and these feet would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica. it is friday, april the 8th and this is a fox news alert. dangerous and on the run. the search intensifies this morning for the accused killer who escaped a mental institution. fast and furious, the
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burglars who fled the cops in a convertible doing doughnuts and posing for selfies, the bizarre car chase that left hollywood boulevard stunned. >> nothing grinds my gears worse than some chowder head who doesn't know how to keep his trap shut. >> i love that movie. feeling the squeeze, the senate refuses to stop airlines from shrinking seats. so just how much will it set you back for extra leg room on your next flight? "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ no place we would rather be
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than right here with you this morning on friday morning, the beginning of the weekend. >> that's right. >> good morning to you and welcome to fox and first friends first i'm heather childress. >> and i'm patricia stark. it is 5:30. a fox news alert. fear gripping the university of texas as police hunt for this man, a key person of interest in the brutal murder of a freshman on campus. >> the death of 18-year-old dancer haruka weiser sending shock waves through the community. the man police want to talk to seen in this surveillance video riding a red or pink bike near the football stadium two hours after weiser disappeared. >> as a parent this is my worst nightmare, the unimaginable brutality against haruka is an attack on our entire family. law enforcement is doing everything they can to bring the perpetrator of this heinous crime to justice. >> hundreds gathering on campus for an emotional memorial. haruka has last seen leaving the
2:32 am
arts building around 9:30 sunday night but she never made it to her dorm. roommates called police the next morning to report her missing and her body was found tuesday in a creek in the woods on campus. there is now a $15,000 reward in the case. also a manhunt under way at this hour in washington state for an accused murderer who escaped from a psychiatric facility. police say that anthony garver bought a bus ticket to spokane wednesday night where he went to his parents' house before running off. garver and mark alexander broke out of western state hospital through a loose window. alexander was captured after boarding a bus and asking how to get to the airport. u.s. marshals and sheriff's department are now searching for garver near his parents' home. and brand new video appears to show the allusive man in white after helping carry out the brussels bombing last month. in a series of surveillance videos you can see him calmly leave the airport, walking to a
2:33 am
nearby town before he eventually disappea disappears. he ditches his jacket at one point but continues to wear the hat. he is still on the run right now and a worldwide search for the man has been under way since the attacks where he was seen with two of the bombers inside the airport before the blast. a surprise overnight, a surprise visit from secretary of state john kerry, he is meeting with iraqi leaders in baghdad to discuss the fight against isis. the meeting comes as the u.s. plans to deploy more troops in iraq to help retake territory from the terror army. before that he stopped in bahrain to meet with persian gulf allies about iran's threat to the region. turning now to extreme weather. several suspected tornadoes hitting the south. the storms wreaking havoc here in the tampa area as the sun came up on thursday. and just north of there in pasco county, florida, folks left
2:34 am
picking up the pieces after parts of their homes were ripped apart and trees left uprooted in their yards. >> maria molina is in the weather center for us and tracking what we can expect to get today. good morning. >> good morning. and that storm system really causing all kinds of problems along parts of the east coast, in the mid-atlantic we also had several reports of strong winds that caused some damage out there. so again, that front pushing eastward across the region but behind it you are going to notice much colder air filtering in for this weekend coming up across parts of the northeast and also into the midwest and we are expecting a round of snowfall out here. taking a look at the forecast you can see several inches of snow will be possible acrthe gr eventually across parts of northeastern ohio and pennsylvania and parts of the mid-atlantic. coming up for saturday it will be a little snowy out there across portions of the northeast. temperatures in the 30s in chicago, cleveland and minneapolis and yesterday was a warm day out across parts of the southern plains with temperatures well into the 80s,
2:35 am
approaching 90 degrees across texas, you can see that that cooler air has made it south and now temperatures are going to be a little bit more seasonal across parts of the plains feeling like spring. let's head over to you. >> maria molina live for us. politicians they're just like us, right? hillary clinton and bernie sanders making headlines on the campaign trail for struggling to figure out the new york city subway system. this as ted cruz continues to defend his new york values comments. peter doocy is live for us in washington, d.c. following the latest. peter, i have a feeling you know how to ride a subway, right? >> reporter: i don't know. now i'm nervous if ever i had a camera crew following me around. it was the fifth time that was the charm for hillary clinton who was denied entry to the new york city subway four previous times by metro card that she couldn't make work. as far as new york democrats are concerned, though, that may not be as damaging as comments that
2:36 am
bernie sanders made about the metro, revealing that he doesn't even know what a metro card is. >> how do you ride the subway today? >> what do you mean? >> how do you get on the subway today. >> you get a token, you get in. >> wrong. >> reporter: new yorkers have a lot of pride and that's why ted cruz still doing his best to explain what he meant when he derived new york values as part of an attack on trump during a debate in south carolina several months ago. >> well, bill, you know, i think people approved new york and a involved the country knew exactly what new york values means and those are the values of liberal democratic politicians who have been hammering this state. >> reporter: john kasich has been in new york as well and a new campaign ad tries to convince voters that the final three republicans are all going to the cleveland convention without the delegates they need to clinch, so his strategy to win on a later ballot. >> john kasich will win the convention and he will defeat
2:37 am
hillary clinton in the fall. want to stop the clinton machine and win the white house? your only choice is john kasich. >> reporter: the next huge prize after new york is california where there will be 172 delegates up for grabs and the respected field poll there shows trump who just canceled a scheduled california campaign swing to concentrate on new york with a narrow 7 point lead, a lead that cruz is already trying to cut into since he is heading to california on monday before the new york primary kicks off. back to you in new york. >> peter doocy live for us this morning. thank you, peter. how about this, yet another name for you, paul ryan for president. a brand new video just released by the house speaker reigniting rumors that he's interested in a presidential bid. >> let's have a battle of ideas, let's have a contest of whose ideas are better and why their ideas are better. >> ryan claims that he has no interest in running despite the
2:38 am
current uncertainty of the gop nomination. a new national poll shows how the former 2012 vice presidential candidate would lose to both hillary clinton and bernie sanders in hypothetical matchups. ryan loses to clinton by 6 and sanders by 7. retired astronaut scott kelly is opening up about new health setbacks following his years spent in space. the 52-year-old says he is at greater risk for cancer, having been exposed to ten times the radiation of anyone here on earth. he also says that he lost bone mass, experienced a strain on his heart and psychological stress. part of kelly's mission was to see what long-term space travel does do not body. he plans to detail his entire experience in an upcoming memoire called "endurance: my year in face and our journey to mars." the international space station getting a new addition that could change space travel. this is an inflatable room that
2:39 am
will be attached to the outside of the station. once inflated it will be the size of a small bedroom. over the next year astronauts will see just how it holds up against space junk. experts say that it could you pave the way for moon bases for tourists and scientists >> that's like that movie martian, they had a room like that. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. tapping tech. the frightening new way that terrorists are spreading their message. and two rounds for the runway, a victoria's secret model speaking out about the request that made her give up her angel wings. and watch justin bieber's brutal on stage fall. ♪ ♪. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat.
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zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. . .
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welcome back.
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shrinking plain seats, they are apparently not going anywhere anytime soon but you could pay for extra leg room. cheryl cassone here to break down the extra price for comfort. >> the senate refusing to help airline passengers from feeling the squeeze when they fly killing an amendment that would have stopped airlines from further shrinking already small seats. it would have required the faa to set a standard minimum amount of space for each seat, but this is washington and the proposal failed, many airlines have been reducing seat size in economy to boost profits from an average width of 18 inches down to 16.5. as well as less room between you and the person in front of you. okay. american, for example, will charge you $4 for an aisle or a window with 20 bucks getting you up to 6 inches more leg room. united airlines sells economy plus seating anywhere from $9 to $299 depending on the distance
2:44 am
of the flight. they have been charging for for larger seats. delta will charge you, jetblue charges $10 if you want a better seat in economy, southwest let's you choose seats with the pick your place program they offer, and spirit might be my favorite. if you don't pay some type of extra fee they just randomly choose a seat for you. lots of fun. back to you. >> all right. cheryl, thank you. to find the fox business network all you have to do is log ton to fox the isis cyber army is getting stronger, the terrorist group now streaming its radio station through android apps and websites, the most recent version he created just last week. reports say they're using services that protect and hide details about the server, stirring the debate over national security and privacy. former nba star charles barclay is the latest celebrity to join the boycott over north carolina's religious freedom
2:45 am
law, he's calling on the league to move next year's all-star game out of the state saying he is against any form of discrimination, the law prevents transgender people from using the bathrooms of their choice. well, in your health now another reason to make sure that your teenagers get enough sleep. a new study by the cdc finds high schoolers who got seven hours of sleep or less during the week are more likely to get into accidents because they engage in risky behaviors like not wearing a seat belt or drinking and driving. health officials are making it clear that it's not sleep deprivation, per se, but the risk associated with the deeplessness. the sleepless nights that are putting adolescents at risk. and what you eat for breakfast this morning could actually be making you ugly. dermatologists have compiled a list of the worst foods for your skin and they say that cereal is bad because it can cause acne flare-ups and make your skin
2:46 am
sag. a latte with sugar can dee high great your skin and cause toxin go up which can lead to acne, yogurt can lead to more oil production creating breakouts. patricia. now does this supermodel look too fat for the catwalk to you? victoria's secret allegedly thought so. former angel heather arington revealing she quit her modeling gig after the company told her to lose weight. she told "time" magazine she worked out twice a day but it wasn't enough. she modeled for five years and quit in 2013 and says she has no regrets about her decision. >> that's crazy. i will just say it. she looked awesome. >> she looked great. >> the time is ten minutes until the top of the hour and the winner is crowned. >> trent, you win tonight.
2:47 am
>> the last "american idol" ever, we are live in la with a scoop. and fast and furious, the burglars that fled the cops doing doughnuts and posing for selfies. let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox and friends." >> coming up on "fox and friends" geraldo rivera and dana perino are here, we will talk politics with both of them. plus the pope's new papers on family will be released in 12 minutes and are set to send a shock wave through catholicism. plus pete jumps out of an airplane, that's okay, he's got a pair chute on. jumps out with the golden knights. and i am going to go over to times square to see if everybody has as much trouble with the subway as hillary clinton.
2:48 am
how do you think that's going to turn out? we have a busy three hours, kicks off 12 minutes and 12 seconds from right now right here on the channel you trust for your morning news, "fox and friends." one crest 3d white smile... all it takes... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten. whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders
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welcome back. it was a bittersweet ending last night as mitche"american idol" after 15 seasons. >> trent harmon crowned the last-ever "american idol" winner. >> let's step into "the foxlight" with michael tamera who was there, lucky duck, for all the action during the series finale. hi, michael. >> hey, good morning, ladies. well, last night capped off the
2:52 am
farewell season of the iconic "american idol" series. it didn't disappoint. in case you missed it, here's a look at exclusive scenes from the show. ♪ "american idol" closed the last chapter in its singing competition, bringing more than 60 past winners and finalists back to fill the dolby stage with a night of retro celebrations. >> it was magnetic. you know, seeing all that firepower of vocal insanity in one place. >> there were so many times in the show where i was standing there frozen thinking about, remembering the first audition from some contestants and seeing them now -- especially carrie and la toya and jennifer hudson. it was such a wonderful celebration. >> it winner of "american idol" season 15 is trent harmon! [ applause ] >> it was also a night to crown the last champ, 25-year-old trent harmon, becoming the big winner. >> instead of being so excited, it was strange. you know, so much decompression
2:53 am
left my body. it was like i got to relax for the first time in the year. >> it was testament to how strong trent got. i think in the last few weeks. la porsche was -- she was always phenomenal from the beginning. but trent, i think the show sometimes is about seeing the evolution, as well. we love to see. that we saw it in spades with trent. >> over the 15 seasons, more than one million hopeful contestants tried out in 46 cities. many went on to record albums, scoring 459 billboard number ones, 250 million itune downloads and creating several superstars including carrie underwood, kelly clarkson, and d dauthy. brian hunkleman revisited the stage, william hung, the three judges, and the original paula abdul, rentggie jackson, and infamous simon cowell. >> a lot of fiertears, people -
2:54 am
was amazing that simon showed up. we didn't think he would. >> i shed tears because it meant a lot. i was blessed and fortunate and beyond grateful that i was part of it from day one. ♪ >> in the end, the groundbreaking show sang its last note leaving a lasting and historic mark on the industry forever. >> you really get to see what an impact "american idol" has had on the music industry over the last 15 years. >> "idol" is a machine that pumps out superstars. i'm just blessed to be able to have that opportunity to maybe go be one. ♪ >> well, guys, trending last night on social media was how ryan seacrest signed off the show as he has for the last 15 seasons. he said, as we say in hollywood, good night, but then quickly added "for now," suggesting that
2:55 am
"idol" may be back in the near future. >> just maybe. michael tamera live for us. lucky, lucky. >> thanks, next, the video thatl make your day. >> hi, honey. >> he smiled. >> the amazing moment a baby sees his mother for the first time. >> aw.
2:56 am
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2:59 am
♪ time for "the good, the bad, and the ugly." up first, the good. a tearjerking moment on camera when a baby sees his mom for the very first time. >> smile t's mom. >> hi, baby. hi, sweet boy. hi, sweet boy. >> 4-month-old leo suffers from a rare disorder that affects the color of his hair, skin, and eyes. leo's dad had trouble holding the camera because he was crying, saying cuteness went through the roof when his son smiled for the first time. and next, the bad, a bizarre car chase through hollywood. a couple burglary suspects spinning doughnuts and taking selfies on rain-slicked roads weaving in and out of traffic. police chased them down for nearly two hours. they were weaving dangerously through traffic only to stop at a neighborhood in southern los angeles. final, the ugly. justin bieber takes a major tumble while on tour in kansas city.
3:00 am
♪ >> whoa! >> gosh. fans capturing the wednesday nightfall from all angles. he slips on a soaked stage. yeah. ouch. >> i love leo, though, we need to do more stories about leo. >> nice. >> thank you very much for joining us. have a great weekend. >> yes. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good morning. it's friday, april 8th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. this is a fox news alert. the hunt is on for this man on that bicycle after a freshman dance student was found dead in a creek at the university of texas. we have the latest on the search for her killer. >> terrible story. meanwhile, bill clinton versus black lives. >> the people who killed the lives they say matter. tell the truth! >> so is the former president causing more harm than good for hillary's campaign?


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